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Mark Mitchell is one of those guys that NEVER has given up on anything in his life. That is why he is so successful. This isn't about Mark's life though, this is about one Restaurant that he opened and the only thing in his life he came real close to quitting.
The 88 Restaurant in NY City is a high-end Steakhouse that serves amazing steaks, burgers, and really anything that is beef. However, back in 2019 right before COVID hit, Mark was already struggling with his Restaurant. They were maybe making $2000 per day on a Friday or Saturday, when they should be at least at $15,000 just to get by with employees paid, and all that fun overhead stuff. So Mark was losing money, a lot of money, on a daily basis. That's when we "Cold Called" Mark out of the blue. I remember calling him around 10AM Mountain Time so it was around noon there in NY and I thought "Oh crap, they're gonna be busy and the owner is gonna yell at me for calling in the middle of a rush! Well, just let it ring and see what happens." - And I did exactly that. I knew who the owner of the Restaurant was so I prepared to convince the hostess to let me speak with him. When it stopped ringing on the other end and a male voice picked up the phone, "Hello and thank you for calling The 88, how can I help you." - It sounded so depressed. So sad. Just awful, I already felt bad for the guy and I thought it was because of the tough owner. NOPE! It WAS the Owner, Mark Mitchell. I asked for Mark and he said speaking. I was so thrown off I didn't even know what to say. So, the first thing out of my mouth was, "Hi, my name, we sell, no, are you busy at the moment?" - Mark almost hung up on me until I said "Sure sounds dead over there, I sure we could fix that for you and get you packed for lunch and dinner!" - I don't know what did it but Mark said "Ok, how much, because I'm about out of money and yes we need the help. But, sh*t I can't afford anything like you guys, never mind. You are a Sales rep for those Lead Generation companies right?" - "Not exactly." - I went over my little presentation, expecting to get hung up on because it was the lunch rush after all. But not a single person entered his Restaurant the entire time on the phone. I never did charge him for the first two months either. Then on month three is when he started seeing more and more people enter the Restaurant. Honestly, he probably would've fired us if we weren't already doing it for free. Finally, six months later Mark had gotten his sales up to $25,000 on an average and then after a year up to about $40,000. Keep in mind COVID is going on right then and we were right in the middle of it when all other Restaurants were quitting we were trying to figure out how to bring sick people inside without getting others sick. HaHa!.
Mark and The 88 Restaurant are doing really well now, consistently hitting their target numbers of around $45,000 daily average and upwards of even $100,000 some nights when people rent out the entire space. We did a lot for him and he is grateful and so are we. I'm so happy we could help Mark out and happy to turn his Restaurant around. I just wish we could help every Restaurant out there because COVID really screwed some of those places and it really does suck.

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December of 2019


New York City

ADVERTISER'S DREAM - The 88 Restaurant, Mark Mitchell

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