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I first spoke to Jeff about 3 years ago. Jeff was just starting his business... Again. This was the 8th time Jeff decided to open a business and each time he had hired an Agency to "guide" him through the process and have a successful launch. Well, needless to say, Jeff still only has one business because each of the eight businesses that Jeff stated, had failed miserably within the first 3 months. Yes, we can blame COVID and other random things or we could've gone deeper and really found out WHY Jeff just couldn't get a business started. What happened next will blow your mind. Jeff started those companies doing whatever he was told by the so-called Agencies he had hired. These Agencies never found out what he liked, what his hobbies were, family life, nothing. They did what they wanted and in the end Jeff hated each and every one of the ideas but he never told them. He tried to run a business that he hated and didn't really have his heart into it. So, what happened? Failure after failure. When he started with us he had no clue what it was he actually wanted. After a few sessions with us we finally got it out of him and now his successful "Gaming Instruction" Classes are doing really well and selling out every single one. He is known in the gaming industry now as "Master" and "Pops". The best thing is though, he LOVES what he is doing. This just shows that you need to follow your passion and do what makes you happy because there is always someone out there or quite a few people out there that will want to either learn from you, get a service from you, or buy a product from you. So, if you are on the fence about starting, and you're thinking it's a stupid idea and a waste of time, then give us a call and we'll talk. We'll talk you into taking that leap of faith and going for it because you'll always regret it if you do nothing! So, take action now, there won't ever be a better time than NOW!

Project type

Start-Up Gaming Business Model


April of 2019


Denver, Colorado, USA 80202

THE BEGINNING - with WDX Solutions & Instruction

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