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Jared Langston is THE Surfer Dude! He's been at it, surfing that is, his entire life! He told me that he could surf before he could walk. HaHaHa!
Jared is not only an excellent surfer but the guy can actually build the surfboards that he and his "Crew" surf on! It's pretty crazy! When I first met Jared he was living "Couch to Couch" with buddies, drinking way too much (hope he didn't mind I mention this), and we'll call it womanizing if it could be anything. Since Jared didn't really have a home to call his own, he would periodically stay the night at women's homes even though they had just met. That's another story. Jared and I have become very close over the last 4 years mainly because I wanted to help him get on his feet. Jared is the type of person that only needs a little nudge to get going and then once they start there is no stopping them.
Jared did exactly that. When we started with him he was making surfboards for himself and his buddies. You know, maybe one or two boards per month for FREE (why should friends pay? well, if they were his friends they would pay double just to help, but again another story). We got Jared going, like I said nudged him to get goin', and he was off. I mean, it literally only took us 3 months to start getting him the calls, texts, emails, and whatever other ways to contact him going to where he was making close to 25to 35 surfboards per month. By himself. Alone. Maybe one other guy a little help.
Oh man, he was a mess! He had no clue about running a business he just thought it would be a good idea to start one. Now he's in the middle of the weeds as you say, and doesn't know where to go to get out. That's where we came in too.
We hired his staff for him, got him an accountant, Lawyers, and everyone else needed to run a business. The nice thing is Jared ONLY wanted to build the boards and everything else he said could be hired out for. Well, that is exactly what we did, and 4 years later Jared is kickin ass building boards, with around 25 other employees now all pitching in to help Jared build his dream of a business and what is Jared doing everyday? Building Surfboards by hand and painting/designing them as well. He loves what he does and we do too!

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IF YOU BUILD THEM THEY WILL SURF! - Jared L. Huntington Beach Surfboards


June of 2021


Huntington Beach, California, USA

WHOA, DUDE!! SURF'S UP, BRUH! - The Surfboard Shop In Cali

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