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(The KPIs and Ads)


How We Help Our Clients

Below you will find the specifics of how we help each client with their Advertising, on ALL of Social Media. These 4 categories are the main criteria for creating a fun, successful Advertisement. We've found, through all our testing, that if we can control these 4 categories then our client will be hugely successful with their Social Media Advertisements.

Snacks (Full API integration)


APIs work to do more than just exchange data and facilitate communication between a machine and software. They can also perform calculations and transform data into different formats, like text into audio or comprehending the subject of photos.


While the term “API” covers a broad range of technologies, the term is most commonly associated with web APIs — which are APIs that are used specifically designed for use over the internet. Suppose a computer works as a server somewhere on the internet and responds to every request it receives. When you send an API request, the computer performs the necessary tasks — scanning through data — and then sends you back a response.  




Hot Food (Merged Audience)

First priority is to select target keywords in order to target the right audience at the right time and in the right place. Another important and vital way to make sure that you are catching the right people for your product is selecting the targeted placement of your ad. This method permits you to select your ideal audience.  If we look at it metaphorically then we can say that you are targeting the right audience under your nose. Of course, when we're Merging Audiences we are using "Look-a-like" audiences. I know Facebook and TikTok are allowing usage of these types of audiences because ideally, it's the BEST audience to have!


Drinks (Smart Budgeting)

These are 5 ways for maximizing your social media advertising budget when working with us.

1) Set trackable goals or S.M.A.R.T. Goals

2) Create ads that stand out using the latest and greatest technology.

3) Know your target market like they are part of the family.

4) Run A/B tests and sometimes A/B/C tests

5) Make unique ads for every platform. In other words, we don't reuse ads once a client has posted them in their campaigns.

These are only 5 of the ways we use your Marketing budget wisely. If you would like more info and to get more technical just let us know and we will show you everything because we are a transparent company and love our clients.

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21+ Bevs (Ads Design Templates)

Advertising Templates - 250+ Designs, Free Downloads of Advertising Templates to Promote Your Products! 

Get Creative When You Design Your Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Billboards, And So On. Here At, We Always Prioritize Your Marketing And Business Needs!

Because we are original and unique we have created our own templates over the years that have worked wonders for us. Yes, we still remain true to the fact that we NEVER reuse an Advertisement, however, we do reuse templates of ours, just with different copy and images. That is why our clients love us too, because we keep it orignal and keep it real!

If you would like to see some of our templates just ask!

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Click The Button Below And Schedule A Chat With Us About The "Numbers" or the KPIs And Make Sure We Are Covering All Our Bases With You When It Comes To The Analytical Side Of Things.

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